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Friday, March 9, 2018

You’re In Love Bro (6 Tell-Tale Signs)

1.You feel like you're floating whenever they're around. This is mostly due to the amount of dopamine that's being released into your body. It creates the feeling of happiness & euphoria. So your brain really makes you hiiiiiigh when you're in love. You're on dope!

2. You can't keep your mind off of them. You can't stop thinking about your convo's & the times you've spent with them so far. You bring them up as much as humanly possible in EVERY conversation bc every thought leads back to them. You just can't stop daydreaming about them bc it's the closest thing to seeing them. Whether you admit it or not, they occupy a space in your mind. A big space. And it feels amazing.

3. They become UNIQUE in your eyes. Even though you can't quite put your finger on it, there is something special about them. Somehow they are different than any other guy/girl you've connected with. Not better. Just different. Dopamine also affects your senses. What you see, how you see it, what you feel, how you perceive what is felt. Perspective is everything. Actually, perspective is a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something. Being in love actually alters how you process things. Everything is more intense. More meaningful. More beautiful. I see nothing wrong with this. The reality is, maybe it helps us to TRULY appreciate what's in front of us. Do this carefully :)

4. Attraction out of this world! If you are not sexually active at this point—the desire is REAL, ain’t it! Ha! This is where you should hold out. I’m not here to tell you what to do but I’ma tell you what to do. WAIT. When these feelings subside you’ll thank me later. But if you absolutely must crack that safe just remember all that glitters is NOT gold. It ain’t bronze. Psssh...sometimes it ain’t even plastic. Whatever the case is, It’s does feel good to want someone with everything in you. It feels even better to know that they want you the same way.

5.Everything is good about them. Negatives do not matter or simply do not exist.
This is where you find out that if you REALLY wanted to, you can make any relationship work. You actually have the ability to block out her needy ways. You don’t even care about his baby mama or the kid he has on the way lol! All you care about is how amazing he/she is & how you are willing to make it work. Imagine if you could exercise this for the duration of your relationships?

6.Youre emotions are all over the place. You can go from complete euphoria to anxiety and pain when things don’t go exactly your way. Especially if you guys aren’t exclusive. One minute you’re on this adventure to finding your soulmate & the next you’re stressed out alone in your room wondering if he’s gonna get back with his bm. Racing heart, high energy, running around your house like a chicken bc he’s outside but you’re not dressed, sleeplessness, racin thoughts—this is stressful lol. I read that when you see a picture of the person you’re in love with it sparks up the area of your brain that activate when a drug addict take a hit. See, you’re a junkie. So stop wondering why people act crazy when you just up and abandon them. The withdrawal is real!
I know this is mostly a fashion blog so here are the deets for my clothes. Shoes—Shoeland Jacket—H&M Pants—Fashionova Shirt—4ever21 (I usually link them but I’m blogging from my phone)

Some people downplay this stage bc they see it as a weakness. I say...Ride it out. See where it goes. This new feeling doesn't last forever but you'll never forget the way he/she made you feel! It’s actually a strength to see the best in the right person. You are strong for being able to blur everyone else to focus ONE Make sure he’s really what you want before you’re in too deep. Make sure she is everything that you see when you look into her eyes. GOOD LUCK, JUNKIES!


Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Valetine's Day 2018


5 Reasons Why You Need New Friends

Having a friend there by your side will help reduce stress so make room for them. You can't ever have enough TRUE friends. The older I get the more I can attest. It's so fun getting to know them, sharing your humor, & creating those brand new inside jokes. Finding a new friend (I don't use this term loosely) is like finding a precious diamond. Keep Them. *bling*
Especially if you're in a new city or at a new job--new friends will instantly boost your confidence.
They give you a new sense of TEAM & are like family. The security that a TRUE friend brings is priceless. They will reinforce your good character while making you feel comfortable about taking on new things. Another positive perspective is always a plus. New friends have what I call "brand new eyes" meaning they know no limitations when it comes to you. They'll give you that boost you need.
Smiling boosts your immune system and puts you in a better mood. It's also contagious. My new friend, Deja is actually one of my co-workers. We work in an office setting & the days can be a drag sometimes. But honestly, since we became friends work doesn't feel like work anymore. My days are always filled with obnoxious laughter, empowering counseling sessions, & trips to the mall during lunch. :)
No matter how many times you've done something, when it's with a new friend--it's more exciting! You may find hobbies that you never thought you'd be interested in by bouncing ideas around.
Go painting, indoor skydiving, out to dinner, the movies (Girl's Trip was awesome)! Whether it's sharing makeup/hair tips or getting your nails done together these experiences will help build trust and help create lasting memories. Take a million pics! Blog them! It's an excellent way to scrapbook.

Let's face it--we all go through things in life. Whether it's death, relationship problems, financial woes, problems on the job, or mental health issues a TRUE friend can help make these times easier. Sometimes all you need is a shoulder or an ear. Sometimes our old friends are going through things themselves. Maybe they're even tired of hearing about your problems. New friends usually jump at the opportunity to show their support. I know that in the beginning of a friendship I always make it a point to prove why I'm the one you wanna keep around. That's also part of building trust. That process never stops. It's lifelong.
I'm not saying that every new person you meet is your friend. PLEASE DON'T MISINTERPRET. But everyone is a possibility until they prove otherwise. Guard your heart above all but also remember that there is a friend that will stick closer to you than a brother. Never close that door. People will surprise you. I've known Deja for a little over a year but it feels like I've know her my whole life. When is the last time you made a FRIEND?


Sunday, April 3, 2016


 Spring is here but not quite.

I don't understand why it can't just be warm already.
I guess we better just enjoy the breeze before the heat waves.

I got this coat from an online store called WEARALL. They have plus sizes (which made me happy). I wear a size 12 dress but I usually go up a size bc of my height.

I didn't like the coat when I took it out of the packaging. It didn't really have much of a shape but when I put it on I fell in love. *inserts heart emoji*

This dress is a basic soft stretch bodycon. Long sleeve, inexpensive, & washes very well! I love every dress that I've purchase from Wearall.  I hate that I blog sometimes--because I can never wear this again. *tears*

If I do wear it, I can't take pictures but I snap pics more than I blink--sooooo...
Anyway, check out those calf muscles.
I must thank Mr. & Mrs.Grady of Trenton Central High School and Coach Seals of Alabama A&M for these babies! I haven't run in forever but they are just as pretty as 2005. 

But listen, if you see me in this dress again just snap me. And say "Back at it again with the white dress!". Ha! #bloggerwoes

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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

6 Things I Will Not Carry Into The New Year

For my followers who are in other parts of the country; YES, I'm sleeveless. I'm still in New Jersey. It's just kinda hard to blog my snowsuit when It's 71 degrees out. Yes, SEVENTY-ONE. Be jealous.
I mean, it's not like I care about the weather anyway. I will wear shorts, stockings, & thick socks at any given moment. 

When I turned 21 this November, I hit another level of don'tgiveawhatness. Like, I'm really shedding the fear of just being myself. I realized on a different level how life is so very short. Do you know how quick a year turns to 5yrs? Or 5yrs to 10yrs?! That's why I don't have time to be unhappy with me. I'd die of old age waiting for perfection. Nope. Not I.

I can love my strengths while working on my imperfections. I'll let the others discuss the negatives while I simply work on them-- with an Arizona Ice Tea from the corner store in South Trenton smile (ain't no Kool-Aid smile, bih).  Anywho, I always reflect on my year. What can I use to better myself? What did I learn and how can I use it to help others? What caused most of my failures? Where did all my money go? Why am I so freaking awesome? Why did God make me so amazing? & Most importantly, what are some of the things I need to leave in 2015? Hmmm....

Let's Go.
1. Insecurities that I won't live up to the expectations of others.
I already have high standards.
Keep yours for yourself.
(or ya mom. whatever floats your boat.)
2. Being unprepared.
9 times out of 10 if I'm unprepared I was just being LAZY.
Always rushing, forgetting things, procrastinating = Lazy.
But since I'm not gonna be speaking negatively about me...
I'll rephrase that to what my older brother says.
"You're not a procrastinator, you're just motivate by deadlines."
-Keith Scurry

3. Depending on others to do things that I can do for myself.
HUGE one.
I have a resume tweaker, a car cleaner, a clothes folder, an eyelash guru, a food runner,
a person who prints everything I need, a ticket payer...
It's really bad. This is why I need to be rich because they all deserve a salary.
I'm definitely making changes in this area!
Shoutout to my friends who keep me sane.
They'll be in my comments, I'm sure.

4. Taking on impossible tasks.
Has someone ever asked you to do something...
but you & Jesus knew that you weren't gonna do it?
In my mind I'm saying "Now you know darn well".
But outwardly I'm smiling and agreeing.
I wish I could do everything my friends/family need me to do but
I'm learning to say "NO".
So, January 1st, just know when you call--the answer is NO.
I actually like saying no though...

5. Negative Energy/People
If it used to make you happy but just doesn't anymore, leave it where it is.
Even if it hurts to let go of.
We love our family & friends but sometimes we have to love them at a distance.
Give no one the power to control your emotions. 
Sometimes we are that negative energy.
In that case, we have to change our thinking!
Happiness is a consistent pattern of THOUGHTS.
You control your thoughts. 

A million dreams, ideas, & inventions are killed by fear. 
Simply because no one wants to be a failure. 
If I continue to let the fear of everyone watching me fail prevent me from trying, I don't deserve that dream!
So I'm telling you now, you will see me attempt new things, outside of my comfort zone.
Laugh if you will.
It's okay.
I understand it makes you uncomfortable to see me in another light.
Don't tell me to stay in my lane.
You stay in your box & watch me create my OWN lane!

I had so much fun shooting this blog.
I was listening to Maybe by Alina Baraz & Galimatias.
That entire album is so creative. 
I don't think there's a song I don't like on it.
I've learned so much about me this year that I can't wait to master the next few years.
I recently told someone in a debate that I'm almost perfect. 
I'm sure they thought I was loopy but I just realy meant that I'm getting there. 
I've made a lifelong commitment to improve everything about me.
Yea, maybe that's what I should've said.
Oh, yea to all my haters that had a problem with me turning 21 another year...
Why do you care if God is extending my twenties?
Always tryna bust me out on facebook...
Gon' say "Wait, when did you graduate HS?"
I said "Listen, I don't know what to tell you girl. Take that up with God."
*rolls eyes*
I know there are some changes you'll be making soon. 
Which one of these things was most helpful to you?
Comment below!!!

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Happy Holidays!

Monday, December 14, 2015

Be Present Without Dressing Like One This Christmas

So, it's time for the company Christmas party or even the yearly photo shoot. Whatever shall you wear?! Seems like if you're not wearing red it's not Christmasy enough. Well, holiday fashion does not always equal red/white/green for that matter. Conquer the holidays wearing ANY color!

First things first...
Here are some things you don't wanna look like this Christmas;


Gift Wrap.

An Elf.

An Ornament.
(anything else is fair game)

Now don't get me wrong. Red is still great to wear for the holidays.
But if I see ONE MORE red spandex mermaid gown...
I'm gonna throw up Christmas lights!
You have trenchcoats, sweaters, culottes, knit two-peices,
jumpers, sequin skirts, red leather, fur, etc.
 Break it up a little this year!
Try something a little non-traditional.

It's OK to wear BLACK.
I happen to be a huge fan of black.
Ride or Die.
Til death do us part.
Borderline obsessed.
I may have a problem.
I'd blog all black if it wasn't so familiar looking. :-)
But nonetheless, black is always an option & is usually my first.
You can never go wrong with black when accessorized properly.
Even at an all white party.
Who cares if your denied entry?!
You still made dem pieces hit tho.
*insert hair flips*

Find pieces that are festive.
Your entire outfit doesn't have to scream Christmas!
A few key items will set it off.
Cool accents can take you from plain to poppin.
Try a chunky necklace, shimmery blazer, or sequin pants/leggings.
Find 1 or 2 things that catch the eye.
Careful not to go overboard!
When you look back at your holiday photos you want to think "timeless".

Glitter is EVERYTHING.
When paired with the right toned down styles, you will light up any setting.
A little shimmer goes a long way.
I love me some glittery shoes or a glitzy handbag/clutch.
Glitter Me Down, babyyy!
Keep the shine in the same color family to avoid our list of NO-GO's.
*adds Christmas Tree*
You don't want to outdo the family tree, girl!
Remember "All is calm, all is Bright"!
Or "This little light of mine".
Key words; calm & little :-)

The Red Lip.
Please do not sleep on the power of the red lip.
This deserves a blog of it's own.*noted
Red lips are attention grabbing, sexy, & also pays homage to Santa--
so your outfit doesn't have to.
I love Ruby Woo by Mac.
To add depth use a black/dark brown lip liner & blend. 
NIGHTMOTH by Mac is my fav liner.
A bomb red lip is the most striking thing a human being can wear.
Don't debate me.
It's science.

Check out these great alternatives looks for this holiday season
Courtesy of
<3 <3 <3

Outfit Details
Similar Sequin Pants HERE
Jacket HERE
Shoes HERE

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Happy Holidays


Monday, November 30, 2015

A Million Things

A million things have happened
since my last post.
some good
some awful
some amazing.

Experiences are the greatest gifts.
They teach you more than words
& are worth more than money.
The most beautiful things come from the darkest places.
& that's life.
things happen.
In honor of a million things, I'm gonna share a million things about me.
maybe 10 things.
random things.
like whatever comes to mind.

1. I love peanut chews like a family member.
(maybe a 2nd cousin)

2. If we are beefing, you can bring me food
& I promise everything will be ok.

3.  Ever since I got my bottom lip pierced I haven't been able to whistle.
(now how will I hit on Kobe Bryant?) 

4. I am a singer. I'm actually pretty dope.
(gotta few songs I might upload)

5. I lick the flavor off Doritos & put them back in the bag.

6. If I'm home, I only drink from wine glasses.
(it makes me feel rich & sexy)

7. I spend most of my time in my car.
(usually for work but mostly bc I'm weird)

8. I educate families on how to get to a better space financially.
(e-mail for a free FNA--must mention blog)

9. When I'm alone, I pour my milk before my cereal. 
Then I pour my cereal a little at a time--
so my cereal doesn't get soggy.

10. I know EVERY SINGLE WORD of The Lion King.

Lol. What's funny is, I could go to 50 and shock you but I'll let you live.
Post a weird/random fact about you in the comment section.
I'll feature the top 3 on my IG.

My outfit is pretty simple.
Details below.

Calvin Klein Handbag ($222)

Similar Varsity Style Dress

Studded Head Wrap

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